Evo 8 Band Pricing Gun


The Evo 8 Band pricing gun  is ideal both for industrial applications and the every day user. It has been designed with efficiency and durability in mind. The rubber handle provides the user with comfort when using the gun and the tough exterior enables it to last longer in a harsh environment. This price labeller has both the Pound Sterling (£) and Euro (€) symbols in it's character set and can print pricing up to £9999.99 or date codes, such as 22 08 10.

This Evo pricing gun uses 26mm x 12mm CT4 pricing gun labels and an Evo Ink Roller. It comes pre-loaded with 1 rolls of labels (1500) so it can be used straight out of the box. Also includes instructions detailing how to change the ink roller and labels.


The Evo 8 Band pricing gun is easy to use and is great value for money !


If you would like any more information about this product please contact us on 08701 632885 or email us at info@pos-consumables.co.uk

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