Monarch 1115 Price Gun Starter Pack

Colour: White
Adhesive: Peelable
Monarch 1115 pricing gun is a 2 line pricing gun with 7 numerical digits on each line and is part of the Monarch 1110 series.

Able to print prices up to £999.99 or dates in the format 151116 and with a hard outer casing, so it won't break easily, the Monarch 1115 pricing gun is easy to use and simple to reload with labels and ink.

The monarch 1115 pricing gun uses the Monarch 1115 price gun label, and Monarch 1115 ink roller.

Key Features: * Prints up to 7 characters per line. * Label size: 19mm x 15mm * Tough-test labeller survived being dropped 200 times during rigorous endurance tests * Increased accuracy, fewer errors with easy to read print

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