Monarch 1131 Price Gun


The Monarch 1131 Pricing Gun is a durable 1 line pricing gun which will print up to 8 digits, it can therefore print prices up to £9999.99 or print dates in numeric form (09 09 09). 
It is part of the Monarch 1130 series and uses Monarch 1131 price gun labels  which can be found in our 1 line pricing gun labels section and the Monarch PB 1131 ink roller. Thanks to a hard outer casing the Monarch 1131 will not break easily making it ideal for use in harsh industrial environments.

It is straightforward both to use and to reload labels/ink as it comes with full instructions. It comes preloaded with labels and an ink so it's ready to go ! 
If you would like more information about this product please call us on 08701 632885 or email




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