Monarch Paxar 1153 Beef & Veal Meat Coding Gun Starter Pack

Label Type: Beef Label

Beef / Veal Coding and Meat Tagging System Inc. 6k Labels (Monarch 1153)

Are you EC compliant with your beef and veal labelling for traceability? If not then this is the perfect labelling pack for you (EC Regulation 1760/2000). The tagging system comes with a Monarch 1153 hand labeller, 6,000 Monarch 1153 printed labels and instructions and uses the Monarch 1153 ink roller.

Q. Do the beef labelling rules apply to you and your business?

A. Yes, if you are selling fresh or frozen beef. It also applies to butchers, market stalls, mobile shops, supermarkets and catering butchers.

Q. What information should be on the label?

* Reference number or code
* Slaughtered in (name of Member State of Third country)
* Licence number of slaughterhouse
* Cutting / cut in (name of Member State or Third country)
* Licence number(s) of cutting plant(s)
* The name of the Member State or Third country in which the animal/group of animals were raised
* Our special adhesive has approval for direct contact to dry, moist and fatty foods

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