Motex 2616 /10 /10 ACE Price Gun Starter Pack

Colour: White
Adhesive: Peelable
The Motex 2616 ACE pricing gun starter pack comes with a Motex 2616 ACE price gun that can print 2 lines of text with 10 numerical digits on each line allowing for different types of information to be displayed such as prices, dates and/or batch numbers.

Easy to operate and simple to reload the Motex 2616 ACE is ideal for anyone wanting to buy a 2 line pricing gun. The 10 digits on each band allows prices up to £999999.99 or dates, such as 24 06 16 or 24 10 2016, also batch numbers, such as 1234567890, to be printed.

The Motex 2616/10/10 ACE uses our popular CT7 26mm x 16mm pricing gun label and the E4 price gun ink roller.

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