Motex Shelf Edge Embossing Tape Gun (Black)

Tape Colour: Transparent
Number of Tapes: 1

The Motex E101 Embossing Tape Gun in Black and comes complete with 1 roll of 9mm Black tape for immediate use. The E101 Compact Tapewriter is an excellent labelling tool for for labelling shelves and storage boxes. The Motex E101 Compact Tapewriter embosses the 9mm tapes with a text size of 3.8mm with its built in cutter it is very easy to operate. This label maker is an all mechanical design therefore there is no need for batteries or expensive sofware updates as there can be with other more expensive electronic based embossing label makers.If you require more than one roll of tape please use the drop down menu you will also note other colour tapes are available to order.

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