Puma PJ16 Price Gun

Puma PJ16 is a 2 line pricing gun with 8 numerical digits on each line allowing pricing up to £9999.99 or dates to be displayed in the format 17.11.16.

A popular choice as durable and easy to use the Puma PJ16 uses the popular 26mm x 16mm CT7 pricing gun label and Puma price gun ink roller.

You can use this product straight out of the box as a roll of labels are pre-loaded and includes instructions with clear details showing how to change the ink roller and labels.

If you would like any more information about this product please call us on 08701 632885 or email info@pos-consumables.co.uk

Key Features

Simple to reload with labels and easy to replace ink roller. Can print prices as well as dates and batch numbers.

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