Puma PJH6 Pricing Gun Starter Pack

Colour: White
Adhesive: Permanent
The Puma PJH6 pricing gun starter pack comes complete with a spare ink roller, ten rolls of labels (10,000 labels) and loading instructions. The PJH6 is designed specifically for ease of use, quality and durability. The gun uses one line containing six digits to give clear bold pricing up to £99.99 or a six-digit code such as 123456. The Euro (€) symbol is also included in the guns character set. The print quality is excellent and very clear.

The Puma PJH6 uses a Puma PJ ink roller and standard CT1 21mm by 12mm pricing label which are available in a variety of colours with a peelable, permanent or freezer adhesive.

The Puma PJH6 is the economical choice for many retail businesses such as newsagents, convenience stores etc who do not require pricing to exceed £99.99. If you do not need to use the decimal point the Puma PJH6 can price up to £99999.

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