Safescan 1550 Highspeed Coin Counting machine


Boasting a counting speed of 2300 coins per minute the Safescan 1550 has a spacious hopper which can hold up to 5000 coins and will certainly get your coins counted swiftly and accurately.Ideal for large volume use this high speed coin counter comes with adjustable coin diameter and thickness settings enabling you to set the diameter and thickness for any coin you want to count—even arcade tokens and casino chips.More than 5000 coins to count then simply use the 'Add' function and conveniently the 1550 will automatically track the total count across individual runs.Another extra function is the 'Batch' function press 'Batch' and enter the required number and the 1150 will pause each time it reaches the desired amount.Included: Safescan 1550 Cleaning and service kit Power Cable Manual (multilingual).Key Features:Professional High-Speed Counter for sorted coinsCounts up to 2.300 coins per minuteDisplays coin quantitiesAll currenciesHopper capacity of 5.000 coinsAdd and Batch function

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