Safescan 2250 Automatic Bank Note Counter with 3 point Detection

Boasting a back loading hopper able to hold up to 300 notes and count up to 1000 notes a minute the Safescan 2250 makes cashing up at the end of your working day quick and easy.Automatically checking each note for the following security features: UV markings note size and magnetic markings the Safescan 2250 will pause and bleep to alert you should it detect a suspicious note enabling you to count your cash without worry.Use the convenient 'Add' button to keep track of your total note counts and press the 'Batch' button enter the desired number of bills and the 2250 will pause each time it counts out that number.With a large display a backlit LCD screen and 6 easy to navigate buttons taking you through the features the Safescan 2250 is an extremely useful and time saving piece of equipment to have.Includes: Safescan 2250 Bank note counter Power cable User manual Cleaning & service kit Dust cover.Features:Fast and reliable banknote counter with 3-point counterfeit detectionCounts 1000 notes per minuteAuto start and stop functionFor all currenciesAlarm when suspected or different sized banknote is detected

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