Safescan 235 Infrared Video Counterfeit Detector


User friendly and multi-functional the Safescan 235 Infrared Video Counterfeit Detector not only reveals the integrated IR security features in modern banknotes it also illuminates the IR security features on credit cards driving licenses plus other ID documents.The infrared inks in modern day bank notes and not visible to the naked eye but are instantly illuminated and either glow or turn black when using the Safescan 235 making it easy to detect counterfeit notes.Boasting a large 4" LCD screen and high quality infra-red camera you are able to inspect multiple notes and/or cards at one time making the Safescan 235 a must have piece of equipment in your work place.Included: Safescan 235 Power Adapter Manual (multilingual)Key Features:Infrared counterfeit detectorLarge and clear 4” LCD screenChecks multiple banknotes at once for all currenciesSuitable for the new polymer banknotes

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