SAFESCAN1250GBP Automatic Coin Counter and Sorter

Product: Safescan 1250 Only
Capable of 500 coins with a counting speed of 220 coins per minute the Safescan 1250 makes counting your cash drawer quick and easy.No need for sorting your coins simply pour them straight into the hopper and press 'Start'.Use the 'Batch' key to enter specific amounts for each denomination and the Safescan will pause each time that amount is reached optimising your cash counting !Want to make your tasks even easier ? The 1250 counter can automatically print your complete results to the optional Safescan TP-230 thermal printer (please see drop down boxes and additional photos)Includes: Safescan 1250 Coin counter and sorter Power supply 8 Coin cups & User manual ( Thermal TP-230 Printer Grey or Black is an optional add on please see drop down boxes if you would like to add this to your order)Key Features:Sorts GBP currencyCounts and sorts 220 coins per minuteCapacity of 300-500 coinsAuto stop when the coin tray is fullTotal value and quantity per denominationAdd and batch function

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