Swing Date Coder


The Swing Date Coder is a 1 line pricing gun with 10 digits allowing dates to be displayed such as 25JUN 2010.

The date coder comes pre-loaded with a roll of labels so it can be used straight out of the box. It is easy to use and simple to reload.

This gun uses our popular CT4 26mm x 12mm pricing gun label and Puma price gun ink roller.

Click HERE to view the Swing Date Coder pricing gun character set (This will open a new window).

If you would like any more information about this product please contact us on 08701 632885 or email info@pos-consumables.co.uk

Below is some guidance when choosing between between 'Use By' and 'Best Before' labels:

Use By Dates

Use By dates are usually found on foods such as salads, fish, soft cheese and milk - foods that go off quickly. Use by dates refer to food safety, rather than food quality. They mean you should not consume any food or drink after the use-by date stated on the label. By eating food past this date you are putting yourself at risk of food poisoning. If you think you might not get round to eating the food before the use-by date, but don't want to waste it, check and see if it can be frozen to use at a later date.

Best Before Dates

Best Before dates are usually found on frozen, canned or dried foods that last a bit longer. Best before dates refer to food quality, rather than food safety. Food is at its best prior to the best-before date. After the best before it date the food might lose its flavour and texture and will no longer be at its best.

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