TOWA APN-30 Label Applicator + 5000 Bespoke Printed Labels Starter Pack


This starter pack includes 5,000 printed 30mm circular labels and a TOWA APN-30 label applicator. The labels can then be used with the applicator enabling you to cut the time it would usually take to label your products by hand.

The label included is 30mm circular with a semi-gloss material and a peelable adhesive. They are over printed by us using a wax resin thermal transfer printing technology.

This Towa APN-30 is part of a new series of market leading handheld label applicators, the APN-30 is Towa’s replacement for its highly acclaimed AP65-30 model. The Towa APN-30 label applicator can dispense many different types of labels which are 20mm to 30mm in width and 20mm to 60mm in length and has a gap of 2-3mm between each label.

The Towa APN range of applicators uses a special and exclusive ‘Mech Sensor System’ which means the applicator can detect the leading edge of any size of label for accurate and easy dispensing. This range of Towa applicators can provide businesses with an increase in productivity and a great saving in labour costs. Below are a few key points which make Towa the markets leader in handheld label applicators and label dispensers;

1) Labels are not required to have feeding holes, slits or black marks.
2) Nothing needs to be adjusted no matter what size of label is used. The ‘Mech Sensor System’ automatically senses the height of the labels.
3) Different sizes of labels within the specification are able to be dispensed and applied by one specific Towa APN series label applicator.

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